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IF YOU ARE READY to begin discussions about the Hidden Losses Caused by Weak Corporate Cultures, Loss Reduction Strategies and Advantages of “Site-Wide” Optimization, Kay is offering TWO FREE GIFTS that will add value at NO COST TO YOU!



“I am offering you a FREE WEBINAR that introduces seven “Million-Dollar Mindset Shifts” that management teams experience when reducing culture losses and shifting to a Loss Reduction Culture. I discovered these mindsets during my 3-year study of management barriers that prevent change and optimization. These management mindsets are linked to profit, culture and change in every company, regardless of product, service or size of company. A SHIFT in these perspectives “free” a management team to find out what is possible to achieve and change in every company. When these shifts occur, new questions are asked, new problems are solved, and a new level of financial success is possible. 

This session will give your entire management team something to think about. It will raise your awareness about what you are missing that you could be experiencing… the power that you have to influence profit, culture and change that you don’t know about or don’t understand… perspectives that will help you create the corporate culture you have always dreamed about. I am very excited to share this innovative approach to profit maximization, culture transformation and change acceleration with you… information that you cannot get anywhere else. Let’s get started!  

To get the link to this FREE WEBINAR, please click here to complete a simple registration form.

  • The link will take you to a page that contains the webinar.
  • You will not be placed on any email or phone marketing lists.
  • Your information WILL NOT be shared with any other firms. You have my word on it!
  • Watching the FREE WEBINAR makes you eligible to receive FREE GIFT #2!



Once you or your management team has watched the FREE WEBINAR, you can take advantage of a FREE 30-MINUTE PHONE CONSULTATION (a $500 value) with Kay! Within 7 days after you request the webinar link, Kay will reach out to you to schedule your FREE 30-Minute Phone Conference.      

Because our time is so limited, it will be important to use our time on the call wisely.

To keep our discussion focused and relevant, you will choose one of these three topics to discuss:

  1. A specific problem related to the culture you are having… the loss will be estimated and linked to profit during the call.
  2. Your management team dynamics… mindset, trust, follow-through, commitment and how they affect the bottom line.
  3. Your goals for optimization… your progress so far and what is holding you back.

At the end of your FREE PHONE CONFERENCE, we will jointly decide how to move forward to maximize the value you receive from the MiningOpportunity System and the personal coaching that Kay would provide to your team!  

Personalized Day with Your Team that Addresses Your Problems:  

Spend a Day with Kay

Kay offers “Spend the Day with Kay” live stream sessions with new clients to assess their current corporate culture, readiness of the management team and begin evaluating their culture losses.

Existing clients can choose this live stream follow-up to evaluate their progress and give focused and honest feedback that will help teams take immediate action. Q&A, pitfalls and your challenges will be covered. Kay will tell you what you are exceling and what you need to change to get the desired result. Kay will work with you to firm up an agenda that maximizes your value and the audience that would  benefit the most from attending.      


MiningOpportunity delivers More Money, Happier People and Faster Change!







OPPORTUNITY: The only element with an infinite atomic number and weight. An odorless invisible element defined as a hidden or substandard set of circumstances in business that, when not acted upon, creates invisible losses that reduce profit. These losses can be eliminated by management when linked to beliefs, behaviors and numbers that drive the corporate culture, yielding a desirable green substance found in financial institutions.