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Valuing Losses You Can’t See… Empowering People to Stop Them!



You report actual production but NOT production losses… net revenue but NOT lost revenue… actual costs but NOT avoidable costs… net income but NOT invisible losses already subtracted out… and you manage budgets and projects that include losses you NEVER SEE! Millions of dollars can be hidden from decision-makers; as a result, it is even possible to meet budget while losing millions of dollars! 

What if you understood your losses like you understand profit? Executives and site management could ask new questions about performance, goals, problems, expansions and optimization. You could see losses linked to weaknesses in the organization/corporate culture and act strategically to strengthen weaknesses and stop losses. You can even shift the focus of your corporate culture to loss reduction to stop losses caused by the way people think and work together. When that happens, true profit maximization occurs because you have removed the final organizational barriers that prevent you from achieving your best performance!  


Identifying and Reducing Lost Profit Potential is the greatest FREE opportunity in business today!

We teach you how to Quantify and Capture the Hidden Capacity and Profit Potential of Assets and People, then Connect your Corporate Culture to your Profit Potential so you can ask new questions about performance, solve problems that you did not know about, and make more money with the assets and people you have in place!

It’s Time to #StopYourLosses!

How Much Excess Capacity Is Hidden in Your Production Processes?


Companies invest in equipment and systems expecting that the production capacity purchased will be utilized, but that does not always happen. Some capacity remains hidden or is not accessible because of the way problems, processes, plants and equipment are managed. The value of hidden capacity is seldom measured, so management teams are not aware of the dollars they are leaving on the table. As a result, problems that cause losses are accepted as “normal” and are not solved, and true system bottlenecks become masked, which leads to requests for capital that is not needed, misplaced expansion capital and lower ROIs. Knowing how to reveal and value excess capacity can be worth millions of dollars to a company. Kay Sever teaches executives how to uncover hidden capacity and tap that capacity to postpone or avoid capital spending and prevent misplaced expansions.


        How Much is Your Corporate Culture Costing You?

Does Your Corporate Culture have these “Culture Characteristics”?

  • Fear of revealing problems.
  • Mistrust between members of the management team OR between management and the workforce.
  • Silos (departments acting on their own) not working with others to create the best result for the company.
  • “It’s Just the Way It Is Here”… problems with processes and people ignored, especially those “accepted as normal”.
  • High project contingencies that cover the cost of culture weaknesses (lack of commitment, follow-through, silos, etc.)
  • No numbers or key measures that quantify and track what is possible to achieve.
  • No awareness of the impact of management beliefs/behaviors on profit, culture and change.
  • Unsustainable change, causing the company to continually shop for one that will stick.

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you could be leaving MILLIONS OF DOLLARS on the table!

Corporate Culture Losses can exceed $1,000,000 annually!

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The GOOD NEWS is that there is now a Proven System designed to stop your Culture Losses!



The MiningOpportunity System helps you Shift to a Loss Reduction Culture!

MiningOpportunity Training Modules teach executives and management teams how to:

  • Identify and prioritize hidden losses caused by the corporate culture.
  • Reframe culture losses as culture “opportunities” that create urgency for action and change.
  • Understand management beliefs and behaviors linked to profit, culture and change.
  • Connect culture losses strategically to management decision criteria and working relationships.
  • Employ management strategies and sports-like “plays” that unite the team.
  • Make choices that build trust, collaboration and management credibility with the workforce and the BOD.
  • Sustain the new culture and the profit it delivers for years to come.


MiningOpportunity delivers More Money, Happier People and Faster Change! 


 “I am happy because you are teaching my people to think like I do!”   J. Huang, CEO, Chinalco Peru

 “Kay helped our managers see the world differently and zero in on the best value opportunities…
Kay knows how to change a culture.” 
Richard Robison, Senior Vice President, Peabody Energy


If your Assets Have Hidden Capacity and Your Corporate Culture is Weak,







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OPPORTUNITY: The only element with an infinite atomic number and weight. An odorless invisible element defined as a hidden or substandard set of circumstances in business that, when not acted upon, creates invisible losses that reduce profit. These losses can be eliminated by management when linked to beliefs, behaviors and numbers that drive the corporate culture, yielding a desirable green substance found in financial institutions.