How Much is Your Corporate Culture Costing You?

Most companies don’t know how much their culture is costing them!  When cultures are weak, they create hidden losses that can run into the millions of dollars, but go undetected because financial systems were NEVER DESIGNED to give them that information. Once your management team knows their culture losses, they can take action that will #StopYourLosses! Raising awareness about what’s missing from your ledger, how to find it, and how to develop a culture that is focused on losses gives your management team a new way to think about the business and their power to maximize earnings. You CANNOT AFFORD to go one more day without the information shared in this keynote or workshop. THIS INFORMATION IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE! Group exercises reveal losses and how many of them are linked to management perspectives, words and actions. Kay’s analogies, case studies, props and stories will leave the audience with “memory anchors” that will activate when they return to their work and their cultures. With the new insights they will gain, they will NEVER GO BACK to their old way of thinking! The content in this session can be customized for your audience and can also be delivered as a keynote or workshop with exercises.